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CD Album added by Bodston: Various Artists - Jamaican Explosion! - Mojo [Magazine] - UK - 2016
Random Cinema

Barry Lyndon - 1975
CD Album added by leonard: The Box Tops - Dimensions - Sundazed - USA - 2000
Random CD Album

Neil Young And Crazy Horse - Sleeps With Angels - Reprise - International - 1994
Comment added to 8-Track by kab2112: Attention Mods !!!! There are 14 more tracks to add to this compilation. What's the best way, as there doesn't seem to be a way to add them in the same way as say C/Ds etc.
Random Cinema

Bad Day At Black Rock - 1955
Video Game added by rustieneil: Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault Deluxe Edition - Sold Out - Windows PC - 2008
Random Vinyl Album

Queen - Queen At The Beeb - Band Of Joy - UK - 1989
8-Track added by kab2112: Various Artists - 44 Superstars - K-tel - UK - 1976
Random TV Series

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (1964 - 1968)
CD Album added by leonard: The Box Tops - Cry Like A Baby - Sundazed - USA - 2000
Random 78 RPM

Chuck Berry - Maybellene / Wee Wee Hours - Chess - USA - 1604 - 1955
CD Single added by Plekzieglas: Dusty Springfield - Goin' Back / Son-Of-A Preacher Man - Philips - UK - SPRCD 1 - 1994
Random 12" Single

Queen - You Don't Fool Me The Remixes - Parlophone - UK - 1996
CD Album added by leonard: The Box Tops - The Letter / Neon Rainbow - Sundazed - USA - 2000
Random Vinyl Album

The Beatles - Love Songs - Capitol - USA - 1977
8-Track added by kab2112: Elton John - Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy - DJM - UK - 1975
Random Book

Various Authors - The End Of The Beatles? - Pierian Press - Hardcover - USA - 0876501625 - 1985
CD Single added by Plekzieglas: Dusty Springfield - Son-Of-A Preacher Man / What Have I Done To Deserve This? - Polygram TV - UK - DSRAD 1 - 1995
Random Vinyl Album

The Everly Brothers - The Very Best Of The Everly Brothers - Warner Bros. - UK - 1965
8-Track added by kab2112: The New Seekers - Now - Polydor - UK - 1973
Random Cinema

Bugsy Malone - 1976
CD Single added by leonard: David Bowie - The Heart's Filthy Lesson (Alt. Mix) / The Heart's Filthy Lesson (Bowie Mix) - Arista - Europe - 74321 32807 2 - 1995
Random Vinyl Album

The Doobie Brothers - Minute By Minute - Warner Bros. - USA - 1978
8-Track added by kab2112: Barbra Streisand - People - Hallmark - UK
Random CD Single

Passengers - Miss Sarajevo / One - Island - UK - CID 625 - 1995
Vinyl Album added by Bodston: Delia Derbyshire And Elsa Stansfield - Circle Of Light - Trunk - UK - 2016
Random Vinyl Album

Roxy Music - Manifesto - Polydor - UK - 1979
Book added by Job Lowe: Gene Roddenberry - Star Trek : The Motion Picture - Pocket Books - Paperback - USA - 0671830880 - 1979
Random Vinyl Album

Madonna - Like A Virgin - Sire - USA - 1984
Book added by Job Lowe: Josepha Sherman - Star Trek : Vulcan's Forge - Pocket Books - Paperback - USA - 0671009273 - 1998
Random 78 RPM

David Whitfield - Answer Me / Dance, Gypsy, Dance - Decca - UK - F.10192 - 1953
Book added by Job Lowe: Peter David - Star Trek New Frontier : Being Human - Pocket Books - Paperback - USA - 0671042408 - 2001
Random Vinyl Album

The Beatles - Rubber Soul - Capitol - USA - 1965
CD Single added by Plekzieglas: Dusty Springfield - Goin' Back / Son-Of-A Preacher Man - Philips - UK - SPRDJ 1
Random Vinyl Album

Eric Clapton - E.C. Was Here - RSO - UK - 1975
Book added by Job Lowe: William Shatner - Star Trek : Spectre - Pocket Books - Paperback - USA - 0671008803 - 1999
Random CD Album

Blur - Parklife - Food - Europe - 1994
CD Album added by leonard: Roy Book Binder - Folk City Ramble - Rounder - USA - 1998
Random TV Series

Diff'rent Strokes (1978 - 1986)
Book added by Job Lowe: Greg Cox - Star Trek The Eugenics Wars : The Rise And Fall Of Khan Noonien Singh Volume Two - Pocket Books - Paperback - USA - 0743406443 - 2003
Random Vinyl Album

Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell - Vertigo - UK - 1980
Review added to Vinyl Album by yvetot-bocage:
Pete Dello And Friends - Into Your Ears (1971)

Flimsy pop songs make this really a bad and boring album. Worst on label. We are a long way from Honeybus.
Review added to Cinema by George Slv:
The Draughtsman's Contract (1982)
Rated 6/10

A review at IMDB calls this "A bizarre, quite unique period film". It's an interesting experience, but certainly an adult film. In 1700s England a draughtsman (an "artist", for Pete's sake) is hired by a wealthy landowner [feelthie riche aristocrat] to make a few paintings of his estate. Now the draftsman for payment demands sexual favors from the ladies of the family. That's fine they says. But these rats have a devious plot in mind and this draftsman is in danger. Now you can spend your time at IMDB learning to understand what you just saw.
There are horror style elements by the time it's over.
They got this cute little guy who plays a "nymph" on the estate. Fully naked and painted green, he keeps showing up in humorous places. Hey when do we get a female like that, we aren't all homo. I can think of one actress ...
The sex scenes are not your standard type, and are not sensuous.
It's a quality production, you might be morbidly curious.
Review added to Magazine by RogerFoster:
Blues And Soul (1971)

This is one of the earliest copies of "Blues & Soul" in my possession and is mostly given over to the results of their 1970 Readers' Poll, which had been somewhat delayed due to a postal strike.

I've posted images of the Top Albums of 1970 (Topped by "The Isaac Hayes Movement") and Top 1970 Singles ("Band Of Gold" by FREDA PAYNE won the award there), there were also other lists for Favourite Male Vocalist (topped by MARVIN GAYE), Favourite Female Vocalist (topped by ARETHA FRANKLIN), Vocal Group (THE TEMPTATIONS) and Instrumentalists (BOOKER T. & The M.G.'s). The award for the most promising act of 1970 (essentially the best "newcomers") went to CHAIRMEN OF THE BOARD).

Singles reviewer John Abbey's most tipped UK 45s were "Baby Let Me Kiss You" by KING FLOYD and "Warpath" by THE ISLEY BROTHERS. Other UK singles reviewed included the US smash "Want Ads" by THE HONEY CONE and EARTH WIND & FIRE's debut single "Help Somebody", though the only single reviewed that made The UK National Charts ended up being a reissue of a 1966 track - "Girls Are Out To Get You" by THE FASCINATIONS.

The Top US "Soul" single at the time was Aretha Franklin's version of "Bridge Over Troubled Water", closely followed by Wilson Picketts "Don't Knock My Love" and the previously mentioned Honey Cone track, with the Number One LP being The Jackson Five's "Maybe Tomorrow" set. Meanwhile, back in Blighty, the top 2 UK singles were both revived .tracks from the mid '60s .. "Heaven Must Have Sent You" by The Elgins and Tami Lynn's "I'm Gonna Run Away From You", the Top LP being the compilation "Motown Chartbusters Volume 5"..

Otherwise there was an article on Washington DC female vocal group THE FUZZ and some observations on The UK Soul Scene by DAVE GODIN.

And all this for a mere twelve and a half (new) pence!!
Review added to Vinyl Album by George Slv:
Peggy Scott And Jo Jo Benson - Soulshake (1968)

Soulshake on this album is a very unfortunate mess of a mix. Stereo balance is way off. You need to listen to the mono single. But that is not being reissued. Fortunately some discerning people (ahem) at Youtube are posting the single. Next the reissuers need to get the clue. It is only available in this stereo.
(YouTube Video)

The rest of the album is great. 9 stars (like uh 11 out of 12).
I think that's a sitar in the entire album.
It's possible that a CD reissue has been remastered (really) to correct that.
Review added to Cinema by Magic Marmalade:
Fearless (1993)
Rated 7/10

This was a brilliant film, as I recall it... but it's one of those odd cases of an entire movie apparently sliding completely off the surface of the earth and vanishing almost completely without trace...

... nobody knows why, it just tanked, and was forgotten.

I'd certainly like to see it again
Review added to 78 RPM by chippe01:
Teresa Brewer - Skinnie Minnie (Fish Tail) / I Had Someone Else Before I Had You (And I'll Have Someone After You're Gone) (1954)

Skinnie Minnie (Fish Tail): What an amazing song! A great up-tempo, danceable track which sounds absolutely fabulous. However, there is an apparent lack of bass. Still, it's a very catchy tune beautifully sung by Teresa Brewer. It's a kind of rock-n-roll / Jazz hybrid.

I Had Someone Else: What a LONG title! This is a nice ballad, again, beautifully sung.

As a side note: This record, along with another Teresa Brewer Promo record came as throw away discs to protect another disc I ordered on ebay. They were both sticky and terribly dirty and hardly playable. I scrubbed both discs with a sponge and a little dish soap and water and air dried in front of a fan. The difference was amazing. These discs play perfectly, with no scratches or pops, and very little crackle.
Review added to Classical Item by Magic Marmalade:
Franz Konwitschny And Saxon State Orchestra, Dresden - Mozart: Violin Concerto No.5 In A; K219

If anything ever screamed: "Grandma's record collection", it has to be the cover of this doesn't it?

I think my instincts were right regarding these Heliodors...

I've played three of the four I've got, and they sound like older recordings, in that you can hear the recording set-up was just one mic at the front near the conductor, so that were there is a soloist performing on a concerto like this, they come through very nicely, but the supporting orchestra lacks presence, power, and is a little indistinct.

While this particular record has no date for recordings or issue visible on the sleeve or labels, it is stamped in the deadwax on both sides: Side 1: 1955, and Side 2: 1958....

So side 1 is certainly too early for any original stereo recording, side 2 may be just about possible, but I rather think, having heard the others, which have the same kind of sound staging, even though they have a later dates, these are re-processed mono recordings for stereo.

But that's not really an issue to be honest, because in that regard, you wouldn't be able to tell if it was an original stereo recording, or a re-process... very subtly done, which may be the unintended virtue of a less sophisticated recording set up: Less they could get wrong in the translation, so to speak.

I also think of a statement found on old CDs in this respect too:

"These discs may expose the short-comings of the original recordings"
(Or words to that effect)

...Which is essentially what is going on here, as these are Polydor vinyls (I looooove Polydor vinyl from the seventies onward... the best around at the time in my opinion... pre-sixties to mid sixties (for classical at least) it's got to be Columbia- but that's a whole different ball game) ring everything out of the recording they can, but it's the recordings themselves that were limited by the times they were made.

So these performances won't necessarily be found better presented on another label or press, so any extra money spent on them may be considered a waste, and rather these are DG going back to earlier archive recordings and re-presenting them for a seventies market, cleaned up a bit, and stereo-ised (just a tad).

I'd say they might be interesting to someone who wants to hear a performance by a particular soloist performing a particular piece, such as a concerto like this, where they are the main focus, but full a full Symphony or orchestral work where it's about the orchestra as a whole, I don't think they can deliver the OOooooomph you may require.
Review added to CD Album by RogerFoster:
Shirley Ellis - The Very Best Of Shirley Ellis (1995)

Nifty collection of Shirley Ellis material from the mid 1960s, when she seemed to have the market in Novelty/Pop/R&B records pretty much sewn up. Maybe this is why she is often overlooked (Too "Novelty" for some?), but she did have three Top 10 hits on Billboard's Hot 100 for Congress Records in a period of about 18 months from late 1963 to mid 1965, all of them are on here, and she deserves to be remembered.

The first big hit was "Nitty Gritty" (#8 BB in early 1964), which was more "Dance Craze" than "Novelty", though the fake applause on the track did give it some novelty appeal .. the song was reworked, with similar success, in 1969 by Gladys Knight & The Pips.

Next came the sound-alike "(That's What) The Nitty Gritty Is" (very big were sound-alike-follow-ups back then) before her real biggie "The Name Game" (#3 BB in early 1965), where instructions for rhyming a name were given over a pounding rhythm. This created the template for what was to become her biggest international hit "The Clapping Song" (#8 BB in spring 1965).

With "The Clapping Song" a superficially innocent lyric seems to have even more innuendo than a typical episode of "The Hoobs", with Shirley singing about the virtues of "Drinking Wine", "Kissing Soldiers", playing with "Rubber Dollies", "Clapping", "Slapping" and "Choking Monkeys" (I wonder what that might possibly mean!!??), not to mention suggesting "going to heaven in a little row boat" (Hmmmm). And at one point in the song, during a brief respite in the satanic back-beat, Shirley even suggests that the listener/participant should "come back with the clap!!" and this subversive ditty was played and sung in school playgrounds all over the world!!

Further chart success was to be had with "The Puzzle Song" before Shirley asked the world the question that had been exercising great minds for decades .. "Ever See A Diver Kiss His Wife (While The Bubbles Bounce About Above The Water?)" ... to which the answer is given at the end of the song. Unfortunately the world wasn't too interested in Divers and their bubbles (probably too exhausted after all that clapping and slapping) and that was the end of Shirley's career at Congress records.

There is some more conventional fare on here (if her curious version of "Bring It On Home To Me" can be termed "Conventional"), but for me it will always be "Name Game" and "Clapping Song" that shine out and if there is one over-riding reason why people should track down this collection it has to be that the version of "Name Game" on here has an extended instrumental work-out at the end and is a full two minutes longer than the single version on Congress CG-230. I wish I could find this extended version on "The Tube" but all they seem to have is the short version.

(YouTube Video)

(YouTube Video)

(YouTube Video)
Review added to Book by Magic Marmalade:
Carl Gustav Jung - The Undiscovered Self (2006)

This is one of only a couple of books I could claim to have changed my life.

(I never liked such claims, as I don't really like to think I'm so easily moved by anything I happen to read... not healthy to buy into any single piece of literature absolutely I think)

It's not a big book by any stretch of the imagination... more of a pamphlet, or brochure for Jung's theory, from which you can jump off into his other works, which go into much greater depth on each of the aspects of the theory.

Like many, I never liked the Idea of Freud's rather reductive view of human beings as little more than mechanical animals driven by primal clockwork impulses, and which seems to exclude any possibility of attaching any inherent value to a person by so reducing them.

Jung doesn't do that, but in fact digs a little deeper into that very clockwork to discover meaning... and value.

From here, the other small Routledge books on Modern Man In Search Of A Soul, The Nature Of the Psyche, are a good route to take, before getting into the nitty gritty of Dreams, and The Science Of Mythology, and then the bigger editions which are presented more as the original essays and lectures.
Review added to CD Album by laviolet:
Aaron Neville - Apache (2016)

Just when it seemed that Aaron Neville had settled into doing oldies and standards, along comes Apache, his most personal record, which he appropriately describes as "just me." Indeed, all his influences are here: funk, soul, doo-wop. Neville is in fine voice at 75 and the backng, including the Daptone horn section, is superb. Neville co-wrote nearly all the songs and the lyrics are poignant and powerful.

The title comes from his boyhood nickname, drawn from his Native American ancestry and tendency in younger days to turn red in the sun. His songs are published by his company "Apache Red Music." Very highly recommended.
Review added to Cinema by Dr Doom:
Black Joy (1977)
Rated 7/10

IMDb have this down as a comedy and although there are some laughs it really is a black comedy in more ways than one. The plot echoes another notable black cinema work - The Harder They Come with a naive country boy arriving in the big city and getting ripped off right, left and centre.

I have no idea if this film represents an accurate view of Brixton in 1977 but even if it doesn't it provides an amazing contrast with the Brixton of 2016 (average price of a flat £439,843)

Norman Beaton plays Dave King, an absolute snake of a man but played with such manic energy that you can't help but love him a little. The energy of his character pretty much runs through the entire film. In that way the title makes a lot of sense. Bad sh*t happens in this film but the characters find a way of making the best of a crap hand. Black Joy indeed.
Review added to Vinyl Album by Magic Marmalade:
The Staple Singers - Be What You Are (1973)

What's that.... Another Polydor?!!!!

It's a shocker I know, but these just do not let you down, and always sound amazing.

Like many will be, I was familiar with the excellent track: If You're Ready (Come Go With Me), as a nice, gently grooving soul pop tune with a positive feel to it, so I had been intrigued to see what the rest of the album was like.

And it doesn't disappoint... achieving a consistent standard of song writing and feel throughout.

So if you like that tune, you'll like the whole album.

It makes for a nice bit of early evening soul, the aforementioned gentle groove (mildly funky) and undemanding soulfulness that you can pop on the deck and relax to.
I found myself Weebling* around the room in a very satisfactory manner, occasionally breaking out into a little micro-dancing^ while I cooked my Noodles.

The CD would probably be a nice one to have in the car too, for the school run maybe, so your kids think you're cooler than you are... instead of Dad trying to "educate" them by bludgeoning them with merciless, and unending prog-rock, or mum wailing away to Adele (Did I spell that right?) and pretending that she's twenty years younger than she is...

... At the very least, I won't have to listen to that stuff as I walk past the De-militarised zone / school entrance on my way home as it belts out of every car/burning Vauxhall I pass.

All Three of my thumbs up for this one!

*Weebling: - The act of Weebling, from: To Weeble (adj.): The gentle wobbling and rocking motion of a Weeble (Weebles wobble but they don't fall down) as applied as an ongoing activity for pleasure... usually to music or unaccompanied psychological disturbance.

^Micro-Dancing: - A style of dance developed by a 45 worlds contributor for use on trains, and or buses, or other occasions when normal dancing is not appropriate using larger gestures, or when discretion is required. A system of small jerks and twitches alluding to more expansive dance manoeuvres. Can also be used as an economy dance, permitting more people to fit on a dance floor in closer proximity, and requiring less energy.

(See also: "Twitching"; Further reading: "The lazy person's guide to dancing", and "Why people are generally unappreciative of a fellow passenger doing "The Worm" down the isle of a train at rush hour - a memoir in four volumes")

((From the unnecessarily expanded: Magic Marmalade Dictionary of uncommon usage))
Review added to Cinema by yvetot-bocage:
La 317ème Section (1965)
Rated 9/10

Perhaps the best war film i have ever seen and certainly the best film about the war in Indochine.
There is no bloody message or hysterics in here, only a down-to-earth and vivid approach from the progress of a column of local section suppletive Laotian soldiers, French officer and non-commissioned officers through the jungle surrounded and confronted with Vietmin forces.
Review added to Cinema by yvetot-bocage:
Paths Of Glory (1957)
Rated 1/10

Along with "Full Metal Jacket", this is a real stinker in the Kubrick's filmography.

American actors in English language impersonating WW1 French officers is utterly grotesque not least because they do not look or act like any French from any period but the aim of the film is so stupid and preposterous that it is just a pallid anti-war rant bollocks, nothing more.
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