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CD Album added by Paul Vinyl: Alternative TV - 25 Years Of ATV - Alternative TV Live At CBGB - Dressed To Kill - UK - 2002
Random TV Series

Rab C Nesbitt (1988 - 2014)
Cinema added by jaimeeduardo: Beyond A Reasonable Doubt [2009] - 2009
Random Vinyl Album

The Allman Brothers Band - Enlightened Rogues - Capricorn - USA - 1979
78 RPM added by DreamMachine: Irmgard Seefried And Gerald Moore - An Chloe / Canzonetta: Ridente La Calma - Columbia - UK - L.B. 116
Random Cinema

Bladerunner - 1982
78 RPM added by DreamMachine: Irmgard Seefried And Gerald Moore - Das Trombild / Ungluckliche Liebe - Columbia - UK - L.B. 114
Random Vinyl Album

The Moody Blues - A Question Of Balance - Threshold - UK - 1970
78 RPM added by DreamMachine: Richard Crooks - Wie Sich Die Bilder Gleichen / O Lola, Rosengleich Bluhn Deine Wangen - His Master's Voice - UK - E.W.75
Random Cinema

Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia - 1974
78 RPM added by DreamMachine: Robert Radford - All One Gets From Plaguey Daughters / Maidens All Are Stubborn Creatures - His Master's Voice - UK - E 431
Random Vinyl Album

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced / Axis: Bold As Love - Polydor - UK - 1973
78 RPM added by DreamMachine: Paolo Silveri - Marechiare / Tu, Ca Nun Chaigne - Columbia - UK - D.B. 2407
Random CD Album

The Commitments - The Commitments: Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - MCA - Europe - 1991
DVD added by jaimeeduardo: Liberty Heights - Warner Home Video - USA - 2000
Random TV Series

Thundercats (1985 - 1989)
78 RPM added by DreamMachine: Philharmonia Symphony Orchestra Of New York - Five German Dances / Five German Dances - His Master's Voice - UK - D.A. 1812
Random Vinyl Album

Various Artists - The World Of Hits Vol. III - Decca - UK - 1969
78 RPM added by DreamMachine: Philharmonia Symphony Orchestra Of New York - Five German Dances / Five German Dances - His Master's Voice - UK - D.A. 1811
Random TV Series

Heartbeat (1992 - 2010)
DVD added by jaimeeduardo: Prince Of The City [1981] - Warner Home Video - USA - 2007
Random Vinyl Album

Santana - Abraxas - CBS - UK - 1970
Vinyl Album added by TOKENHIPPIE: The Beach Boys - Smiley Smile - Capitol - Canada - 1967
Random Vinyl Album

Jona Lewie - On The Other Hand There's A Fist - Stiff - UK - 1978
78 RPM added by DreamMachine: Jussi Björling - Adelaide, Op. 46---Part 1 / Adelaide, Op. 46---Conclusion - His Master's Voice - UK - D.A. 1705
Random CD Single

Gloria Estefan, José Feliciano - Tengo Que Decirte Algo - Sony Discos - USA - 2000
CD Single added by duckeggs001: Linus Loves Featuring Sam Obernik - Stand Back (Radio Edit) / Stand Back (Vocal Club Mix) - Data - UK - DATA62CDS - 2003
Random 12" Single

The Boomtown Rats - Lookin' After No.1 / Born To Burn - Ensign - UK - ENY 004 - 1977
Cinema added by jaimeeduardo: 24 Hours [1931] - 1931
Random Vinyl Album

George Martin And His Orchestra - By George! - Sunset - UK - 1970
78 RPM added by DreamMachine: Jussi Björling - O Sole Mio / Only A Rose ("Vagabond King") - His Master's Voice - UK - D.A. 1607
Random CD Single

Gloria Estefan - Live For Loving You (Underground Club Mix) / Live For Loving You (Live For Clubbing You Mix) - Epic - Australia - 657382 5 - 1991
Comment added to TV Series by cptbeefheart: Are you serious, Dad's Army 2, I relly didn't think much of the first one. It's hard to top Arthur Lowe's pure comedic genius although I did like Bill Nighy's Sgt Wilson
Random Vinyl Album

Ian McCallum - Left Handed - Fat Mice - Netherlands - 1988
Comment added to DVD by cptbeefheart: William H Macy did some cracking movies around this time, The Cooler and Magnolia to name but two
Random Vinyl Album

The Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed - Decca - UK - 1969
Comment added to DVD Box Set by cptbeefheart: I think the subtitles on theses discs were written by a six year old
Random 12" Single

Sparks - Tryouts For The Human Race / Tryouts For The Human Race - Virgin - UK - VS28912 - 1979
Comment added to DVD Box Set by cptbeefheart: I think the subtitles on theses discs were written by a six year old
Random Vinyl Album

Marillion - Misplaced Childhood - EMI - UK - 1985
78 RPM added by DreamMachine: Edwin Fischer - Minuet / Adagio - His Master's Voice - UK - D.A. 1389
Random TV Series

The Two Ronnies (1971 - 1987)
Review added to Cinema by George Slv:
The Emerald Forest (1985)

After John Boorman conquered the world with his legendary Excalibur, he went on to this pet project of his, using the setting of the Amazon forest. In the true story, Bill Markham's son is kidnapped by a jungle tribe, and ten years later Markham hunts for him.
The potential is there being in the exotic forest, but I found that the screenplay was not strong and gripping enough, so it is on the mild side. There is topless nudity of tribal women, but the most significant is Tommy's girlfriend Kachiri working as a "topless waitress" in a bar, from where they rescue her. When scenes like that were cut the story was not so clear.
There is a message here about saving the rainforest. Note that in 1990 environmentalists were crying that by 2000 the entire Amazon forest would be cut down. I know how totally incompetent their (non)thinking is. I was involved with some. Besides his greatness, John Boorman has some serious faults.
Review added to Cinema by zabadak:
The Jungle Book (1967)
Rated 10/10

Oh yes, probably my favourite Disney film of all time! Great humour, unbelievable music! :happy:
Review added to DVD by George Slv:
Sueño Profundo - Noche De Lobos (2005)

The only DVD anyone has issued of this 1990 made-for-cable Canadian movie starring Megan Follows. Spain was interested because Damon D'Oliveira is a Portuguese Canadian. It includes Castellano and English audio. The copy I got was not technically top quality and was hard or impossible to play except on my computer drive. Once played the quality is okay, but closer to VHS than to DVD quality.
Review added to Cinema by zabadak:
The Big Bus (1976)
Rated 8/10

Really good film, extremely funny, very much in the Airplane! mold :happy:
Review added to CD Album by Juke Jules:
Susanna And The Magical Orchestra - Melody Mountain (2006)

Susanna Karolina Wallumrød and "Magical Orchestra" Morten Qvenild gently deconstruct several popular hits.
Hallelujah rests on the strength of Cohen's writing which barely survives this massively slowed version
(YouTube Video)

It's A Long Way To The Top is a long way from AC/DC but does get going rather splendidly
(YouTube Video)

She also does an imaginative re-interpretatiion of "Jolene" which you slowly begin to recognise only as the lyrics unfurl: unfortunately it is not on this album
(YouTube Video)
Review added to Vinyl Album by sladesounds:
Various Artists - BBC TV's Best Of Top Of The Pops Vol. 2 (1975)

Being of a certain age I can remember watching the majority of these tracks on TOTP. 40 years on and a few have stood the test of time and remain quite listenable whereas a few are perhaps best forgotten.

Rubettes - 70s pop fodder, nothing too memorable; Gloria Gaynor - a reasonable cover better than some but nothing compared to the original; Jim Gilstrap - more fodder; Glitter Band - forgetting the Gary Glitter connection not a bad glam rock/pop tune; Showaddywaddy - marmite to some but for me the early singles were exciting to see on the TV (yes I had a pair of brothel creepers and drainpipes which still looked good when punk came in); KC - white boy funk, back in style again; Wigan's Chosen Few - this tune was the Northern Soul tune that broke the charts and made it main stream (for a few years a least); Bay City Rollers - kings of the world for a few brief years, dated but still better than what followed (westlife et al); Mac and Katie - sweet sickly soul; George McCrae - not a bad tune, holds up well; Sweet Sensation - again sickly soul, Sad Sweet Dreamer is a much better single from them; Trammps - not a bad piece of 60s/70s style R&B/soul; Love Unlimited - more sickly soul that hasn't dated well and finally Slade - still pure class!
Review added to DVD by Trainman:
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 - Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (2016)

While the first film was about Toula finding herself, this is more on them all finding family.
Actually a sequel that's as good as the original. A rare thing these days.
Review added to Vinyl Album by George Slv:
Anita Bryant - The World Of Lonely People (1964)

A beautiful album arranged by Frank Hunter, who had experience with exotica music. New releases for her at the time were A1, B3, B4, B6. Two were renditions of current British hits - A6 and B5. A3 and B2 were recent American hits for others. Four others were popular standards.
But you can't leave the subject until you hear this Little Things Mean A Lot. It's the most awesome recording.
At this Youtube link you'll hear it plus Welcome Home, part of a 4-song set from GeoSilverAway.
Review added to Vinyl Album by Magic Marmalade:
Malcolm McLaren - Duck Rock (1983)

I bought this at a boot fair because it made me smile to see it... and for it's potential comedy value.

I was expecting a completely excruciating experience that would have me in fits of laughter at the hopelessly dated eighties middle-class-chancer- white-man-does-hip-hop awfulness...

...but in all fairness, it's not that bad at all!

In fact, it is in many ways very innovative, ahead of it's time, and even pretty good stuff.

While of course, there are the painful bits, what with the notably eighties Buffalo Gals (They go round the outside you know), and Double Dutch, which has a sheen of cringe-worthiness, a lot of this actually prefigures Paul Simon's Graceland by three whole years, and at times, sounds as good!

It opens each side with some ambient electronica (with some Vangelis-y squiggles etc.), and has some Reggae inspired elements, and some reasonably good early Hip-Hop, all set in the context of a continuing Radio station broadcast, which comes in between tracks.

...So a bit of a concept album too, with a ton of other assorted stuff thrown in.... whatever dear old Malc fancied was the way of the future...the way of the future.... the way of the future... the way of th... (Sorry, went a bit Howard Hughes there for a moment, no doubt inspired by Malcom McLaren himself).

Malcolm (We're on first name terms now) does have the good sense to keep his own vocal contributions to a bare minimum, and they aren't that prominent when he does, so it's not toe-curler it could have been... often leaving those vocal duties to people who can actually sing, and Hip-Hop-er-ise after the fashion of the old school.

The vinyl is great sounding too, even if it's a bit thin and floppy.

Very pleasantly surprised.

Malcolm McLaren may not have been half as important, visionary, or as good as he himself thought he was, but that still leaves a lot of room for good stuff like this.
Review added to 12" Single by Magic Marmalade:
Kylie Minogue - I Should Be So Lucky / I Should Be So Lucky (Instrumental) (1987)

Inspired by Shakespeare's: Hamlet...

Ms Kylie Mini-gogue here regales us with the inner turmoil and frustration of the Erstwhile Hamlet's unrequited love Ophelia.

Indeed, contrary to the prevarications and legendary ambivalence which thwarts the object of her affection (Titular Mr Sir Denmark Esquire)... in her imagination, there is no complication...

... they walk together hand in hand.

A palpable sense of outwardly unspoken beseeching and urgency propels the music of the opening verses as Kylie/Ophelia makes her case to the dithering Dane...

"I'm Dreaming"

Says she.

"You fell in love with me.... like I'm in Love with you"

To Quoth.

...Until, at last, her consternation doth conclude thus:

"But dreaming's all I do..."

Prefiguring the approaching choral alleviation of her now growing unheeded obsession...

- yet -

"... If only they'd come true!"

Before interjecting an unexpected dose of perspective:

"I should be so lucky!"



Less so.


We begin to doubt her "Stoicism"


This is beginning to get awkward now.

"...I should be so lucky in love!"

Yikes. Verily.

We then return to the mire of obsessiveness and dark sticky goo building in Kylie's soul

(Sat switching light on and off.... thy bunny in the pot, etc.)

An unsettling impression which the several repetitions of this formula of alternating Obsession and apparent, if temporary, stoicism does nothing to dispel.

Hamlet too is back and forth, back and forth (moody sod), as OpheKyllie watches on... maybe they are not so different after all. eh?!!

Cast yerself in the river if I'm wrong!

A masterpiece.

That we should see the like of this pop-tastic interpretation of a timeless literary classic again, is less certain.... Indeed:

We should all be so lucky.... lucky.... lucky... lucky.

Review added to VHS by George Slv:
The Lady Vanishes [1979] - Marquis Video (1988)

From the days when fans were hungry for videos of old uncommon material, this issue of Hammer's last production of that era was of interest. A 4:3 format, it actually was not even panned and scanned, of all things dey jis pointeded the scanner to the middle of da widescreen picture. So dat in the restaurant scene with Cybill and Angela Lansbury in opposite chairs, ve don't even see their heads on the sides. In a widescreen composition of Gould climbing out the train window as it approaches a tunnel, we don't see Gould or the train at the right side. There was a different US 4:3 videotape at the time which was panned.
Review added to CD Album by Juke Jules:
The Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir - Ritual (1994)

The Ritual, or rituals, of the title are the Christian rituals of Christmas and St. Lazar's Day as observed in Bulgaria. The women sing in a vigorous full-throated style that is found in folksong from around the region, giving the impression that they are some rustic village choir. Indeed they are recruited as folk singers from around the country and are trained to the point that they define an art-form derived from folk traditions.

Both Philip Koutev and Georgi Boyadjiev are variously credited with forming the Choir in the 1950s, and Swiss ethnomusicologist Marcel Cellier was instrumental in bringing them to the attention of Western Europe.

Houbava Milka is a good example of the music on this album

(YouTube Video)
Review added to Cinema by zabadak:
A Bout De Souffle (1960)
Rated 10/10

One of my all-time faves. :happy:

The first film in my (admittedly now rather old) Halliwell book and the first in there to get the maximum number of stars! And rightly so!

Jean-Paul Belmondo is just the epitome of French cool - in fact, the whole film is! Jean Seberg plays the naiive New Yorker so well that this performance is the milestone of her tragically short life.

Will they make it? Will they succumb to the life Kovacs leads, even though he is not the villain, here (is that the police or his circumstance?)?

A film-making masterclass!
Review added to DVD by George Slv:
Invaders From Mars [1953] - Image Entertainment (2002)

Wade Williams, a US theater owner, searched for a print of the movie in the 1970s and found only one at a Los Angeles TV station, and bought it. The original negative had had the ending cut off in order to make a different UK ending, and then that end strip was lost. This 35mm film has some scratches, and it was not processed and restored for this release. It is now stored in controlled vaults with other classic films.
Williams went on to refilm the story in 1986 with Toby Hooper. In 2002 he released this 50th Anniversary DVD of his 1953 film.
There are mixed feelings about it because the film imperfections can spoil the enjoyment. There are many 16mm films of it around America and some have been used to issue a couple of tape releases without imperfections.
I've read that the film is public domain, but I'd like confirmation.
Oh, you ask about the movie. Yes it was damn good. Yes color.
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