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Comment added to 78 RPM by JB1986: Jimmie Revard happens to be my great great great uncle. I'd love to hear this record on my Victrola!
Comment added to 78 RPM by slholzer: This disc was first released in the days of the Batwing label.
Comment added to 78 RPM by slholzer: It is hard to conceive that the people at Signature would not know the composer of Liebestraum (it's Franz Liszt, doesn't everybody know that?).
Comment added to Vinyl Album by Jasper: Just a bit of info re these labels. 7 Records was renamed Powderworks in September 1981 after 7 Records chief Ken Harding led a management buy-out. More info is on this Michael DeLooper pdf. M7...
Comment added to Vinyl Album by PhilMH: The label is certainly Powderworks, and 7 Records Pty. Ltd. (previously M7 Records Pty. Ltd., the MLF catalogue number is a carry-over from M7's system) would have been the distributor, but the label...
Comment added to Vinyl Album by ajtharp: Here in the States, barcodes started appearing on the back of CBS distributed albums in the summer of 1979. just a little tidbit of info I thought I'd share while we're on the subject.
Book added by davie gordon: Marie Belloc Lowndes - The Lodger - Four Square - Paperback - UK - 1966
VHS added by Bgray1: Wait Until Dark - Warner Home Video - USA - 1991
Book added by davie gordon: Frederick Maryatt - The Phantom Ship - Four Square - Paperback - UK - 1966
Comment added to Book by frank itiis: From this Book a 1953 Movie "From Here To Eternity" Directed by Fred Zinnemann Cast: Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Deborah Kerr, Donna Reed, Frank Sinatra, Philip Ober, Mickey Shaughnessy,...
Vinyl Album added by Vinylville: Various Artists - Once Upon A Tour - Songs From The Television Special - Premore - USA - 1971
Comment added to Book by frank itiis: From this Novel a 1984 Movie "The Little Drummer Girl".. Directed by George Roy Hill Cast: Diane Keaton, Yorgo Voyagis, Klaus Kinski Sami Frey, Michael Cristofer, Eli Danker
12" Single added by frank itiis: Propaganda - P: Machinery / Extracts From The Cassette Complete Machinery Including: P: Machinery (Massive) - Island - Italy - ZTASX 12 - 1985
Book added by davie gordon: Robert Bateman - The Hands Of Orlac - Four Square - Paperback - UK - 1961
Book added by davie gordon: W. Harrison Ainsworth - The Elixir Of Life - Four Square - Paperback - UK - 1966
Comment added to Vinyl Album by Whassup: Not too sure myself. Maybe PhilMH, wax_museum or Jasper might be able to shed some light on this.
Cinema added by jaimeeduardo: El Tejedor De Milagros - 1962
Cinema added by jaimeeduardo: El Primer Amor [1974] - 1974
Book added by davie gordon: Guy Des Cars - The Unclean - Four Square - Paperback - UK - 1966
Cinema added by jaimeeduardo: El Cielo Y La Tierra - 1962
Cinema added by jaimeeduardo: La Casa Del Pelícano - 1978
Random Vinyl Album

Jan And Dean - Surf City And Other Swingin' Cities - Liberty - USA - 1963
Random TV

Harry Hill's TV Burp (2001 - 2012)
Random Vinyl Album

Wishbone Ash - Pilgrimage - MCA - UK - 1971
Random 78 RPM

Spike Jones And His City Slickers - Cocktails For Two / Leave The Dishes In The Sink, Ma - Victor - USA - 20-1628 - 1945
Random Vinyl Album

Madonna - Like A Virgin - Sire - USA - 1984
Random Vinyl Album

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Back To Front - MAM - UK - 1972
Random 78 RPM

Chuck Berry - School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell) / Deep Feeling - Columbia - UK - DB. 3951 - 1957
Random Vinyl Album

The Dixie Cups - Chapel Of Love - Red Bird - USA - 1964
Random 12" Single

Peter Gabriel - Biko (Live) / No More Apartheid - Virgin - UK - PGS612 - 1987
Random Vinyl Album

Various Artists - You Can All Join In - Island - UK - 1969
Random 12" Single

Kraftwerk - Neon Lights / Trans-Europe Express - Capitol - UK - 12 CL 15998 - 1978
Random 78 RPM

The Johnny Otis Show - Ma (He's Makin' Eyes At Me) / Romance In The Dark - Capitol - UK - CL 14794 - 1957
Random Vinyl Album

Rod Stewart - Never A Dull Moment - Mercury - USA - 1972
Random 12" Single

The Clash - London Calling / Armagideon Time - CBS - UK - 12-8087 - 1980
Random 78 RPM

Rosemary Clooney - Hey There / This Ole House - Columbia - USA - 40266 - 1954
Random Vinyl Album

Genesis - Invisible Touch - Atlantic - USA - 1986
Random Vinyl Album

Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak - Vertigo - UK - 1976
Random Cinema

28 Days Later - 2002
Random Vinyl Album

Santana - Santana's Greatest Hits - CBS - UK - 1974
Random Vinyl Album

Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality - Vertigo - UK - 1971
Random CD Album

R.E.M. - Monster - Warner Bros. - Europe - 1994
Review added to Vinyl Album by Magic Marmalade:
The Drifters - Save The Last Dance For Me (1962)

Life is always 50% better when The Drifters are playing!

As the back of the sleeve itself says, this is a one record "Hit Parade" all to itself, and there's plenty on here that in later years has made it on to numerous "greatest hits", and "best of" album of their music.

Many will be familiar with the title track: Save The Last Dance For Me, as well as: Some Kind Of Wonderful, When My Little Girl Is Smiling, and Sweets For my Sweet (a different artist's version though, perhaps), and other may also be familiar with; I Count The Tears, Room Full Of Tears, Somebody New Dancing With You, and even Please stay, and Nobody But Me (phew!)...

... but the couple that remain (which I wanted to hear) are also great: No Sweet Lovin', Mexican Divorce, and Jackpot are slightly different form their usual style, but only marginally, and quality remains as high.

And of course, if you can, get them in mono, so you really get the "feel" that only they have.

Nice, (reasonably) loud on the disc, with open, full, and punchy mono, sounds just a little smoother than the London singles of some these I have, but that may be the format in general, or the thickness of the disc (the 45s usually have some wallop).

A little piece of perfection. :)

(YouTube Video)
Review added to Vinyl Album by Magic Marmalade:
Various Artists - The World Of Blues Power (1969)

This is not a bad compilation.

Found it in a record bin, and although I usually ignore Decca's "world of..." series, the "Blues Power bit got me, and seeing the names on it, I had to try it.

The tone of the music presented here is generally electric rock, of the style you'd associate with Hendrix, Cream, Early Fleetwood Mac at their bluesiest... a steady blues / R&B track with lots of wailing electric guitar over the top.

In the main, a John Mayal's Blues Breakers album + guests, which are all good, of course, but the Ten Years After ones those that I really liked, pushing a little more along the spectrum toward prog-rock, or the kind of thing found on a Vertigo Swirl-age or a Pink Island label.

The only odd ones out really, are Champion Jack Dupree tunes, which are shorter, and more old school popular tunes from the jazz age, but they do make for a little light relief from the other stuff at timely intervals.

These sound like the original recordings of the songs featured here, in that the variations in the recording and production between each track are preserved, and don't match each other...

(they haven't remixed them to make the whole album smoother and more integrated)

.. as such, this may be a little jarring if you want the album to seem coherent and steady throughout, but it's better in the sense that getting these tracks individually on vinyl in the original may prove to be an expensive task.

So all in all, a great value for money album that allows you to get some original recordings on vinyl.
Review added to Cinema by zabadak:
The Naked Gun: From The Files Of Police Squad! (1988)
Rated 10/10

Absolutely brilliant!

I wasn't aware of Police Squad until afterwards but I didn't need to be.

A star-making turn from Leslie Nielsen (who knew he could do comedy!) makes this easily as good as Airplane! IMHO.

Extra fun can be had watching OJ goof before the madness.

NG2 was almost as good with Vol. 3 almost as good as that.

Review added to CD Album by Juke Jules:
Various Artists - Neuklang Kirchenlied: Bearbeitung Deutscher Kirchenlieder (2007)

New versions of German hymns: the title is appealing but the degree of restructuring of the hymns is unexpected. Most tracks are in the industrial/metal rock style

The track by Workshop is on YT and gives a flavour of the compilation: Lord, give me courage to build bridges

(YouTube Video)
Review added to Book by privatecitizen:
Rich Kienzle - Southwest Shuffle (2003)

Interesting book beginning with the Country Swing bands like Spade Cooley, Hank Penny and Tommy Duncan but strangely arrives quickly in California and Capitol Records..rather than the titled "South West"
Capitol's Lee Gillette and Ken Nelson are included along with Tennessee Ernie, Buck Owens and Cliffie Stone.
Guitarists Jimmy Wyble, Roy Lanham and Speedy West are discussed along with the constantly moving gangs of sidemen. Even Willie Nelson closes out the book
Review added to Book by Dr Doom:
Murray Bennett - Product 45 : Australian Punk / Post-Punk Record Covers (2015)

An incredible book and an incredible labour of love.

Full of pages of wonderful OZ Punk, Post Punk and D.I.Y. singles some of which are so rare that I've no much chance of ever finding them in the UK. This book is the next best thing and with the added bonus of two previously unreleased coloured vinyl singles to listen to while I drool.

Alas this book hasn't managed to get large scale European distribution which is probably due to it's weight. It's an absolute monster!

So although I can't deny that this works out as a pretty expensive purchase for anyone based in the UK I still think it's worth every pound.
Review added to Vinyl Album by kab2112:
Christine McVie - Christine McVie (1984)

When this LP was first released, I was looking forward to giving it a spin as I had admired some of her previous work with Fleetwood Mac, Chicken Shack and as Christine Perfect. There are some impressive names helping out on this record, such as Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Lindsay Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood. As I remember, I only played this once. It was very disappointing. I came across the CD version a few years ago in a second hand record shop and decided to buy it ( as it was very cheap) and give it another spin. Again I found it hugely disappointing, being only average at best. She is capable of much better than this in my opinion.
Review added to Vinyl Album by Magic Marmalade:
John Martyn - One World (1986)

The prevailing view is probably that Solid Air, is the classic John Martyn album, and certainly, it is a classic album...

...but this one has been inching it's way into my affections over a long period of time, song by song, and even nudging ahead of Solid Air, in terms of which of his albums gets played the most.

It showcases not only the sublime, and the tender, which John Martyn was more than capable of, but the sense of a dangerous, and experimental edge he had too (Why he reportedly named another album: Grace and Danger- apparently it was said to him: "John... You're all Grace and Danger"

And on this, the grace comes in the shape of Small Hours, and the danger, in the form of tracks like Dealer, and Big Muff (which I just cannot stop listening to! - it's so compulsive), and even, both at the same time: Dancing.

He;s really pushing his guitar to make new sounds, taking little prhases, riffs, scrapes, and bleeps and all sorts and stitching them together in an almost funky way, that really gets under the skin. Finally, his inimitable voice, pushing, and pulling around the music makes a rather magical experience.

A great album :)
Review added to TV by zabadak:
The Funky Phantom (1971 - 1972) (1971)
Rated 8/10

Wow, I had no idea Micky Dolenz was involved!

This was a (to me) hilarious show! I reckon it would be great to see again, like the Scooby Doo series it was clearly influenced by.

Daws Butler's characterisation was the USP.

I'll be there forthwith. Fifthwith, even! :happy:
Review added to Vinyl Album by kab2112:
The Marshall Tucker Band - The Marshall Tucker Band (1973)

This was the Marshall Tucker Band's first LP and arguably their best. Side one and side two are quite different inasmuch that side two has a very "Country" type influence whereas side one has that Southern Rock influence which was starting to blossom at that time with the likes of the up and coming Lynyyrd Skynryd taking over from The Allman Brothers Band as far as pure Southern Rock is concerned. The Allmans were more blues orientated by this time. The first two tracks on this album are probably the best two tracks this band recorded. Take the Highway is over six minutes in length and shows the test of time as it still sounds good today, as does the second track - "Can't you see" These are played at virtually every concert that this band played.
Review added to DVD by gregs78s:
Rogue One - A Star Wars Story (2017)
Rated 9/10

Bought this on a whim,and glad i did,good stuff!.Not so much of a nostalgia trip as The Force Awakens,although there are the obligatory cameo's from C3PO/R2D2 and a brief one-liner from a CG recreation of a young princess Leia,and Peter Cushing is resurrected with some clever CGI ,which although quite clever,is a bit strange,and,is it right?.A new droid K-2SO has a refreshingly dry wit.Stunning visuals as you would expect,along with plenty of action/aliens/planet hopping.The type of film that needs a few viewings to fully appreciate.(After a second watch,i've changed the rating to 8.5/10)
Review added to Vinyl Album by kab2112:
Wishbone Ash - There's The Rub (1974)

This was the first album by the mark 2 line up, where Laurie Wisefield replaced Ted Turner on lead guitar, alongside Andy Powell to get that distinctive twin lead guitar sound. Argus is considered to be their outstanding album, rightly so but I think this runs it a close second as every track is excellent. The outstanding tracks on it are --- Persephone, which has some fantastic melodic lead guitar work by Andy & Laurie. Lady Jay is another excellent track with some neat guitar work. The instrumental track F.U.B.B. ( reportedly F***** Up Beyond Belief) is still a concert favourite. All other tracks help to make this an excellent album. My CD version gets a regular spin
Review added to CD Album by Magic Marmalade:
Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales (1993)

Sting ..... Aaaaaaaarrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!

OK, that's got that out of the way, and let's face it, most of you were thinking it.

(or: "sweet Jesus.... it's feckin' Sting", as he used to have been known round our way)

So you can probably tell I'm not the greatest Sting fan in the world (Outside of the Police)... mostly he seems a bit too lute 'n' pointy minstrel-shoes for me... but I do love this album!

Of course, he does the whole travelling minstrel bit, which, along with ye olde Englishe folke musice basic idea, there's some country music twinges, and some blobs of harmonica here and there, which in general, sounds a bit middle class artistan dad-rock bore-fest on paper, but it does work here.

In fact, this was one of my favourite albums from the early nineties, even though it was glaringly at odds with what I was listening to at the time (Nirvana etc.)... I suppose you'd say it was one of those things that would later be described as a "guilty pleasure"...

(But, it does remind me also of a particular place and time, when I were nought but a more miniature thing-a-ma-bob, and still classified as human, like all those other perpendiculars... (and, if I'm honest a certain someone, who has remained shameless) so maybe I'm biased a little)

And I've been looking for it on any format for an age now, but it seems that people have been reluctant to let it go themselves, which in itself, is probably testament to how good it is.

For all the pretentiousness, the real strong suit of this album is the tunes... very sing-along-able, melodic, and even bordering on the pop... with the great single: "If I Ever Lose My Faith In You", leading the way, and "Fields of Gold", and "Shape Of my Heart" (featured in the film: "Leon", being other highlights on an album of equally strong material.

It's a nice, sunny place to take a break from rock now and then, and it is as good as I remember it being.

(YouTube Video)
Review added to CD Album by Juke Jules:
Perry Como - Juke Box Baby (2005)

A compilation of Perry Como's tracks dating from 1945 to 1962. Looking at some of the track titles you could be forgiven for thinking that Como started out in his solo career by singing blues and rock'n'roll, but listening to them will belie that idea: he had come out of the dance-band era and continued in that style of singing, not quite a crooner but a smooth singer and sophisticated performer.

The first-recorded of this set came only a few weeks after the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the lyrics sound what we would now call a little 'Trump-ish', but everything thereafter upheld the safe family values for which Como became so respected.

The title track was released in 1956 as the B-side to Hot Diggity, with the Ray Charles Singers providing the vocal backing: I presume it is the Ray Charles Singers who appear in this video with Perry, lip-syncing to the record:

(YouTube Video)

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