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Welcome to a community dedicated to the 12" Single. Discuss, review, rate, research or add to the 20,569 discs we have so far, or help add some more!

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Black Sabbath:  Lonely Is The Word / Turn Up The Night   Comment by djraggy

The A-side is actually Turn Up The Night.

Sinitta:  Hitchin' A Ride / I'm On My Way   Comment by Sinkronizer

The song titles here are exactly the same as 12 FAN 24 but these are the Ralf Rene Maue remixed versions.

The Associates:  Breakfast / Breakfast Alone   Comment by gregs78s

Front cover scan added (back torn).

Blue Rondo A La Turk:  Klactoveesedstein / Klacto (Part Two)   Comment by janiejjones

Lee, ain't that what this is all about, adding what one is able to do? Cheers, JJJ

Pet Shop Boys:  Always On My Mind (Dance Version) / Always On My Mind (12" Version)   Comment by Sinkronizer

The cover alternatively lists the Julian Mendelsohn remixes of "Always On My Mind" as:- A1: Julian Mendelsohn 12" Dance Version B1: 12" Version (Phil Harding Mix)

[no artist listed]:  Eurythmix II / Slam Dance   Comment by chatterdj

A1 - Eurythmics Mega Mix

[no artist listed]:  The Mixed Mode / Let's Go   Comment by chatterdj

A1 - Depeche Mode Mega Mix B2 - Remix of ELO "Rock And Roll Is King"

[no artist listed]:  Megadonna / Techno Mix   Comment by chatterdj

A1 - Madonna Megamix

M.C. Fosty And Lovin' C:  Radio Activity Rapp (Street Version) / Radio Activity Rapp (Party Version   Comment by 45stalker

Added label scans

The 25th Of May:  What's Going On (Breaking The Back Mix) / What's Going On (Marvin Mix)   Comment by malcyramone

Back cover and label scans added.

Georgio:  Bedrock (Club Mix) / Bedrock (Dub A Dub A Doo Mix)   Comment by chatterdj

Mine is the commercial release, otherwise identical.

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