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Welcome to a community dedicated to the 12" Single. Discuss, review, rate, research or add to the 20,879 discs we have so far, or help add some more!

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Lenny Kravitz:  Believe (Album Version) / For The First Time   Comment by Magic Marmalade

Will add poster scans some other time... but it is unsurprisingly, just an enlarged version of the front cover/ picture disc image.

Blancmange:  Don't Tell Me / Get Out Of That   Comment by dashyork42

This release was actually a large label 12" and not a picture disc as stated.

Teresa Brewer:  Music, Music, Music (Disco Version) / Music, Music, Music (Disco Version)   Comment by George Slv

I have one extra copy of this.

Pet Shop Boys:  Domino Dancing (Disco Mix) / Don Juan (Disco Mix)   Comment by Magic Marmalade

The "insert" is the inner sleeve, which is identical to the back cover shown here, on both sides (Minus the barcode - and obviously a little smaller, and with a thumb notch at top on the back) I've seen copies of this around which have the inner sleeve/insert and are...

[no artist listed]:  Steady Winery / Steady Winery (Instrumental)   Comment by TheJudge

I've included an uncropped image in the hope that someone can provide a better identification from some of the runout markings visible.

David Bowie:  Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) / 'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore   Comment by zabadak

Lovely innit! :happy:

David Bowie:  Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) / 'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore   Comment by nboldock

Nice one - I'll rearrange the images.

David Bowie:  Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) / 'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore   Comment by cptbeefheart

Here you go guys, Full Unstitched Hi-Res Scans Of Sleeve.

Procol Harum:  A Whiter Shade Of Pale / Homburg   Comment by cptbeefheart

Added scan of rear of sleeve

Thunder:  Everybody Wants Her (Preacher Fade) / Dangerous Rhythm   Comment by cptbeefheart

Added All Scans

(Tomorrow's People) And Carlton Robinson:  Ain't Nothing To It, But To Do It / Grand'Daddys Expositions   Comment by HIDEKI WATANABE

Track A Time 5:51 Track B Time 4:25 Actual composer of Track B : August Moon, Sebastian Williams, Ronald Johnson (source: BMI) Ain't Nothing To It, But To Do It [YouTube Video]

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