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Coral - 78 RPM - Label Discography

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Ames Brothers

A: Good Fellow Medley (Part 1)
B: Good Fellow Medley (Part 2)
Coral USA60114194910"0 
Jack Rivers And His River Boys

A: Watch Your Heart
B: Draggin' The Steel
Coral USA64004194910"0 
Jack Rivers And His River Boys

A: A Letter Asking For My Broken Heart
B: I'm Just Living With My Sorrows
Coral USA64005194910"0 
Kenny Roberts

A: Wedding Bells
B: I Never See Maggie Alone
Coral USA64012194910"2 
Big Joe Turner

A: Blues On Central Avenue
B: Sun Risin' Blues
Coral USA65004194910"2 
Myrtle Jackson

A: In My Heart
B: I Love The Name Jesus
Coral USA65007194910"0 
Cliff Warren

A: An Old Love Letter
B: Death Of Scandal
Coral USA64028Feb 194910"0 
Cliff Warren

A: I Wasted A Nickel (Last Night)
B: Things That Might Have Been
Coral USA64033Feb 194910"0 
Woody Herman

A: Say "Si Si"
B: Amen
Coral USA60019Mar 194910"2 
Tommy Sosebee

A: Old Kentucky Waltz
B: I Thought I'd Die (Till You Came Back To Me)
Coral USA6402629 Jun 194910"0 
Erskine Butterfield And His Blue Boys

A: Jumpin' In A Julep Joint
B: Birmingham Special
Coral USA60097Aug 194910"0 
Von Streeter And His Wig Poppers

A: Landslide
B: A Tenor Plays The Blues
Coral USA65015Aug 194910"1 
Ames Brothers

A: Rag Mop
B: Sentimental Me
Coral USA60140Dec 194910"2 
Ames Brothers

A: Sentimental Me
B: Blue Prelude
Coral USA60173195010"2 
Ames Brothers

A: Thirsty For Your Kisses
B: I Don't Mind Being All Alone (When I'm All Alone With You)
Coral USA60300195010"3 
Clif Bruner

A: I'll Try Not To Cry
B: If It's Wrong To Love You
Coral USA64042195010"2 
Jack Rivers

A: The Wild Guitar
B: Jelly Bean Rag
Coral USA64049195010"1 
Ethel Davenport

A: Leaning On The Lord
B: I Will Wait Till My Change Come
Coral USA65024Feb 195010"1 
Ames Brothers

A: Hoop-Dee-Doo
B: Stars Are The Windows Of Heaven
Coral USA60209May 195010"2 
Smokey Rogers

A: New Panhandle Rag
B: Nine-Tenths Of The Tennessee River (Are The Tears That I Shed Over You)
Coral USA64052Jun 195010"0 
Ames Brothers

A: Oh Babe!
B: To Think You've Chosen Me
Coral USA6032710 Jun 195010"2 
Smokey Rogers

A: Trouble Then Satisfaction
B: The Texas Song
Coral USA64057Aug 195010"0 
Erskine Hawkins And His Orchestra

A: Skippin´ And A Hoppin´
B: Tennessee Waltz
Coral USA60313Oct 195010"2 
Smokey Rogers

A: Tamburitza Boogie
B: Lose Your Blues
Coral USA64063Oct 195010"0 
Tommy Sosebee

A: Wedding Blossoms
B: Homesick, Lonesome And Sorry
Coral USA64097Nov 195010"0 
Les Brown And His Band Of Renown

A: 'Twas Brillig (From Walt Disney's "Alice In Wonderland")
B: Very Good Advice (From Walt Disney's "Alice In Wonderland")
Coral USA60438195110"110.0
Ames Brothers

A: Sentimental Journey
B: Undecided
Coral USA60566195110"0 
Jack Rivers

A: Shame, Shame On Jolie
B: Summer Or Winter
Coral USA64084195110"1 
Jack Rivers

A: Haunted House Boogie
B: Bugle Call Baby
Coral USA64072Jan 195110"1 
Smokey Rogers

A: Oh How I Cry About You
B: Catch Me Cheatin'
Coral USA64077Feb 195110"0 
Smokey Rogers And His Western Caravan

A: Steel Guitar Jubilee
B: Wear My Ribbon
Coral USA64092Feb 195110"0 
Bill Darnel And The Pinetoppers

A: (Put On Your Red Silken Stockings) Pretty Babe
B: And Whose Little Girl Are You?
Coral USA60431Apr 195110"0 
Mabel Scott

A: Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train
B: Somebody Goofed
Coral USA65063Sep 195110"1 
Teresa Brewer

A: Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now
B: Roll Them Roly Boly Eyes
Coral USA60676195210"2 
The Modernaires

A: Bugle Call Rag
B: Goody Goody
Coral USA60726195210"2 
Jimmy Blaine And Buddy Weed

A: Political Pete
B: Swimmin'
Coral USA60812195210"0 
Teresa Brewer

A: Till I Waltz Again With You
B: Hello Bluebird
Coral USA60873195210"2 
Owen Bradley And His Quintette

A: I Will Still Love You
B: Beyond The Border
Coral USA60892195210"1 
Blackie Crawford

A: Baby Buggy Blues
B: Old Timers Waltz
Coral USA64118195210"0 
Blackie Crawford

A: Fallen Angels
B: Jump, Jack Jump
Coral USA64138195210"0 
Jesse Allen

A: Let's Party
B: My Suffering
Coral USA65078Feb 195210"1 
Chuck Murphy

A: Nosey Joe
B: Clickity McClackity (The Man With The Spoons)
Coral USA60674Mar 195210"0 
Anita O'Day

A: Hi Ho Trailus Boot Whip
B: Key Largo
Coral USA60697Apr 195210"2 
"Texas" Bill Strength

A: I Was Only Teasin' You
B: Paper Boy Boogie
Coral USA64133Jun 195210"2 
Pearl Bailey

A: Takes Two To Tango
B: Let There Be Love
Coral USA60817Aug 195210"2 
Slim Williams

A: Yoke Of Oxen
B: Dusting Off Your Letters
Coral USA64137Aug 195210"0 
Martha Davis

A: No Deposit No Return
B: What's Become Of You
Coral USA60890Nov 195210"1 
The McGuire Sisters

A: Are You Looking For A Sweetheart
B: You Never Know 'Till Monday
Coral USA61073195310"0 
Buddy Hackett

A: The Chinese Waiter
B: The Diet
Coral USA61105195310"2 
Ricky Riddle

A: What Do You Do (When You're Not Breakin' Hearts)
B: You Belong To Another
Coral USA64157195310"0 

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