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Oriole - 78 RPM - Label Discography

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Harry Roy And His Bat Club Boys

A: Pussy! (My Girl's Pussy)
B: If You Haven't Got Love
Oriole UKP-104193110"0 
Sammy Smith

A: Sit, Sit, Sit - Part 1
B: Sit, Sit, Sit - Part 2
Oriole UKJB. 602194810"0 
Brother Bones And His Shadows

A: Sweet Georgia Brown
B: Margie
Oriole UKLB. 1030May 195010"0 
Brother Bones And His Shadows

A: Sweet Georgia Brown
B: Margie
Oriole UKCB 1030Oct 195010"010.0
Roberta Lee

A: Singing The Blues
B: Back In Your Own Back Yard
Oriole UKLB.1033Oct 195010"0 
Frankie Laine

A: You're Just The Kind
B: Georgia On My Mind
Oriole UKCB.1052Sep 195110"1 
Vic Damone

A: Calla Calla (The Bride)
B: It's A Long Way (From Your House To My House)
Oriole UKCB. 1082195210"1 
Frankie Laine

A: On The Sunny Side Of The Street
B: I May Be Wrong
Oriole UKCB. 1085Mar 195210"0 
Frankie Laine

A: I'm Gonna Live 'Till I Die

Tony Fontaine

B: The Love Of A Gypsy
Oriole UKCB 1086Mar 195210"0 
Frankie Laine With The Jud Conlon Singers

A: Dear, Dear, Dear
B: May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You
Oriole UKCB 1091Apr 195210"0 
Billy Daniels

A: That Old Black Magic
B: I Concentrate On You
Oriole UKCB. 1095Apr 195210"0 
Frankie Laine

A: The Gang That Sang Heart Of My Heart
B: You Left Me Out In The Rain
Oriole UKCB 1097Apr 195210"0 
Frankie Laine

A: The Day Isn't Long Enough
B: Isle Of Capri
Oriole UKCB. 1098May 195210"2 
Frank Chacksfield's Tunesmiths

A: Meet Mr. Callaghan
B: Prelude Rag (Russian Rag)
Oriole UKCB. 1107Jun 195210"0 
Frankie Laine

A: Swamp Girl
B: (Give Me) A Kiss For Tomorrow
Oriole UKCB 1115Sep 195210"0 
Frankie Laine

A: Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
B: Black And Blue
Oriole UKCB 1116Sep 195210"0 
Frankie Laine

A: Mule Train
B: A Sunday Kind Of Love
Oriole UKCB 1120Oct 195210"0 
Frankie Laine

A: The Cry Of The Wild Goose
B: Black Lace
Oriole UKCB 1121Oct 195210"0 
Frankie Laine

A: I Get Sentimental Over Nothing
B: That Lucky Old Sun
Oriole UKCB 1122Oct 195210"0 
Bobby Maxwell

A: Plink, Plank, Plunk
B: Limehouse Blues
Oriole UKCB. 1135Dec 195210"0 
Tiny Hill

A: Silver And Gold
B: Five Foot Two (Eyes Of Blue)
Oriole UKCB 1153195310"0 
Patti Page

A: Changing Partners
B: Streets Of Loredo
Oriole UKCB. 1254195310"0 
Rita Hayworth

A: Sadie Thompson's Song (Blue Pacific Blues
B: The Heat Is On
Oriole UKCB. 1255195310"0 
Patti Page

A: (How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window
B: My Jealous Eyes
Oriole UKCB.1156Mar 195310"4 
Frankie Laine

A: That's How Rhythm Was Born
B: Ain't Misbehavin'
Oriole UKCB 1176May 195310"0 
Patti Page

A: Now That I'm In Love
B: Oo What You Do To Me
Oriole UKCB. 1190Jul 195310"1 
Ralph Marterie

A: Crazy, Man, Crazy
B: Go Away
Oriole UKCB 1199Aug 195310"18.0
Jan August

A: Rhumba Bells
B: Jamboree
Oriole UKCB. 1211Aug 195310"0 
Rusty Draper

A: Gambler's Guitar
B: Free Home Demonstration
Oriole UKCB 1214Aug 195310"18.0
Jerry Murad's Harmonicats

A: Rhapsody On A Theme
B: Aragonaise
Oriole UKCB. 1225Nov 195310"0 
David Carroll Orchestra

A: Tradewinds
B: Tropical
Oriole UKCB1238Dec 195310"1 
David Carroll Orchestra

A: Gadabout
B: Caribbean
Oriole UKCB1248Jan 195410"0 
Rusty Draper

A: Knock On Wood
B: It Ain't My Baby (And I Ain't Gonna Rock It)
Oriole UKCB 1287May 195410"0 
Thunderclap Jones

A: Hurricane Boogie
B: Laughing Rag
Oriole UKCB 1320195610"0 
Thunderclap Jones

A: Sound Barrier Boogie
B: Ask For Joe
Oriole UKCB 1328195610"0 
Joseph McNally

A: The March Hare (From The Film "The March Hare")

Jean Campbell

B: I'm A Sentimental One (From The Film "The March Hare")
Oriole UKCB 1325Apr 195610"0 
Mike Shaun

A: Mirabelle
B: Love Is A Gamble
Oriole UKCB 1336Sep 195610"0 
Thunderclap Jones

A: Stumbling
B: Parisian Rhapsody
Oriole UKCB 1387195710"0 
The Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group

A: It Takes A Worried Man (To Sing A Worried Song)
B: The House Of The Rising Sun (New Orleans)
Oriole UKCB 1357Mar 195710"0 
The Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group

A: Freight Train
B: The Cotton Song
Oriole UKCB 1352Apr 195710"110.0
Russ Hamilton

A: We Will Make Love
B: Rainbow
Oriole UKCB 1359May 195710"18.0
The Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group

A: Green Back Dollar
B: I'm Satisfied ("Yes She Do, No She Don't")
Oriole UKCB 1371May 195710"29.0
The Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group

A: Face In The Rain
B: Sporting Life
Oriole UKCB 1386Sep 195710"0 
Russ Hamilton

A: Wedding Ring
B: I Still Belong To You
Oriole UKCB 1388Sep 195710"18.0
Phil Tate

A: The Bell Tango
B: Paradise
Oriole UKCB 1401Dec 195710"0 
Alexandra Choir

A: Silent Night
B: Adeste Fideles
Oriole UKCB 1412Dec 195710"0 
Martin Lawrence

A: The Song Of The Flea
B: Simon The Cellarer
Oriole UKCB 1414Dec 195710"0 
Derek Roy

A: Derek Roy's Star Party - Part 1
B: Derek Roy's Star Party - Part 2
Oriole UKCB.1415Dec 195710"2 
Edric Connor

A: Manchester United Calypso
B: Yorumba Highlife
Oriole UKCB 1362195810"2 
Russ Hamilton

A: Little One
B: I Had A Dream
Oriole UKCB 1404195810"0 

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