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  UK  349
  UK  349
  Netherlands  235
  Norway  54
  Sweden  44
  Germany  43
  Australia  41
  Australia  41
  New Zealand  26
  Denmark  22
  France  11
  Finland  10
  Unknown Country  8
  South Africa  5
  Belgium  1
  Indonesia  1
  Ireland  1
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Johnny Brandon

A: The Glow-Worm
B: Pot Luck
Philips UKP.B.100Jan 195310"0 
David Hughes

A: Belle Of The Ball
B: I'll Never Forget You
Philips UKP.B.101Jan 195310"0 
Hermione Gingold, Gilbert Harding

A: Takes Two To Tango
B: Oh, Grandma
Philips UKP.B.104Jan 195310"0 
Gracie Fields

A: Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
B: Thank You My Dear
Philips UKP.B. 106Jan 195310"1 
Vincent Roberto

A: I'm Praying To Saint Christopher
B: Look Down In Mercy
Philips UKP.B.113Feb 195310"0 
Rosemary Clooney

A: Haven't Got A Worry
B: Lovely Weather For Ducks
Philips UKP.B.121Feb 195310"0 
Jo Stafford

A: Now And Then There's A Fool Such As I
B: Just Because You're You
Philips UKP.B.111Mar 195310"0 
Gary Miller

A: I'm Walking Behind You
B: 'Til I Waltz Again With You
Philips UKP.B.115Mar 195310"0 
Frankie Laine

A: I Believe
B: Your Cheatin' Heart
Philips UKP.B.117Mar 195310"109.5
David Hughes, Gary Miller, Jean Carson, Johnny Brandon

A: "Hans Christian Andersen" - Part 1

Johnny Brandon, Jean Carson And Bill Lowe, Glen Mason, Gary Miller

B: "Hans Christian Andersen" - Part 2
Philips UKP.B.118Mar 195310"0 
David Hughes And The Rita Williams Singers

A: Tell Me You're Mine (Per Un Baclo D'Amour)
B: Wild Horses
Philips UKP.B.120Apr 195310"0 
Muriel Smith

A: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
B: I'd Love To Fall Asleep (And Wake Up In Your Arms)(Le Soir)
Philips UKP.B.122Apr 195310"39.0
Johnnie Ray

A: Glad Rag Doll
B: Somebody Stole My Gal
Philips UKP.B.123Apr 195310"210.0
Frankie Laine - Jimmy Boyd

A: The Little Boy And The Old Man

Jimmy Boyd - Frankie Laine

B: Tell Me A Story
Philips UKP.B.126Apr 195310"27.0
Doris Day

A: You Have My Sympathy
B: When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along
Philips UKP.B. 127May 195310"0 
Percy Faith

A: The Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is My Heart)
B: Swedish Rhapsody (Midsummer Vigil)
Philips UKP.B. 128May 195310"1 
Ken Griffin

A: 'Til I Waltz Again With You
B: Little Red Monkey
Philips UKP.B.131May 195310"1 
Sarah Vaughan

A: A Lover's Quarrel
B: I Confess (Utan Dei)
Philips UKP.B.133May 195310"0 
David Hughes

A: I Talk To The Trees
B: Gomen - Nasai (Forgive Me)
Philips UKP.B.134May 195310"0 
Mindy Carson And Guy Mitchell

A: So Am I

Guy Mitchell And Mindy Carson

B: Tell Us Where The Good Times Are
Philips UKP.B.136May 195310"09.0
June Whitfield

A: Seven Lonely Days
B: Dancing With Someone
Philips UKP.B.137May 195310"18.0
Jo Stafford

A: If I Were A Bell

Jo Stafford And Frankie Laine

B: A Bushel And A Peck
Philips UKP.B. 145May 195310"0 
Geraldo And His New Concert Orchestra

A: April In Portugal (Whispering Serenade)
B: Theme From "Night Beauties" (Les Belles De Nuit)
Philips UKP.B.149Jun 195310"0 
Judy Garland

A: Without A Memory
B: Send My Baby Back To Me
Philips UKP.B.155Jun 195310"5 
Ivor Slaney

A: Silhouette d'amour
B: Biscuits In Bed
Philips UKP.B.156Jul 195310"1 
Doris Day And Johnnie Ray

A: Candy Lips
B: Let's Walk That-A-Way
Philips UKP.B.157Jul 195310"29.0
Guy Mitchell

A: Look At That Girl
B: Wise Man Or Fool
Philips UKP.B.162Jul 195310"210.0
Rosemary Clooney And Marlene Dietrich

A: It's The Same
B: Dot's Nice - Donna Fight
Philips UKP.B.164Jul 195310"0 
Harry James

A: Palladium Party
B: Ruby
Philips UKP.B. 165Jul 195310"0 
Frankie Laine

A: Where The Winds Blow
B: I Let Her Go
Philips UKP.B.167Aug 195310"110.0
Rosemary Clooney And Jimmy Boyd

A: Little Josey

Jimmy Boyd And Rosemary Clooney

B: Dennis The Menace
Philips UKP.B.173Aug 195310"1 
Frankie Laine - Jo Stafford

A: Way Down Yonder In New Orleans

Jo Stafford - Frankie Laine

B: Basin Street Blues
Philips UKP.B. 174Sep 195310"0 
Jo Stafford

A: I Found A Friend
B: Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere
Philips UKP.B.175Sep 195310"0 
Winifred Atwell

A: Rhapsody Rag
B: Five Finger Boogie
Philips UKP.B.182Sep 195310"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: It's The Talk Of The Town
B: Wih These Hands
Philips UKP.B. 183Sep 195310"0 
The Beverley Sisters

A: Poppa Piccolino
B: Vaya Con Dios (May God Be With You)
Philips UKP.B.166Oct 195310"0 
Frankie Laine

A: Hey Joe!
B: Sittin' In The Sun (Countin' My Money)
Philips UKP.B.172Oct 195310"210.0
Guy Mitchell

A: Chicka Boom
B: Hannah Lee (High Are The Gallows)
Philips UKP.B.178Oct 195310"310.0
Julie Wilson, Jerry Wayne

A: Guess We'll Have To Talk About The Weather

Jerry Wayne, Julie Wilson

B: Over And Over
Philips UKP.B.179Oct 195310"0 
Frankie Laine

A: Answer Me (Mutterlein)
B: Ramblin' Man
Philips UKP.B.196Oct 195310"510.0
Jimmy Boyd

A: God Bless Us All
B: Playmates
Philips UKP.B.197Oct 195310"0 
The Beverley Sisters

A: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
B: Triplets
Philips UKP.B.188Nov 195310"4 
Max Miller

A: My Old Mum
B: Let's Have A Ride On Your Bicycle
Philips UKP.B.199Nov 195310"1 
Winifred Atwell

A: "Let's Have A Party" - Part 1
B: "Let's Have A Party" - Part 2
Philips UKP.B.213Nov 195310"4 
Jimmy Boyd

A: When Santa Got Stuck In The Chimney
B: The Little Match Girl
Philips UKP.B. 187Dec 195310"0 
Frankie Laine

A: Blowing Wild (The Ballad Of Black Gold)
B: Te Amo
Philips UKP.B.207Dec 195310"310.0
Guy Mitchell

A: Cloud Lucky Seven
B: Sippin' Soda
Philips UKP.B.210Dec 195310"39.0
Johnnie Ray

A: She Didn't Say Nothin' At All
B: All I Do Is Dream Of You
Philips UKP.B. 212Dec 195310"0 
Frankie Howerd, Margaret Rutherford

A: All's Going Well (My Lady Montmorency)
B: Nymphs And Shepherds
Philips UKP.B.214Dec 195310"0 
The Beverley Sisters

A: Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell (Who's Got De Ding Dong?)
B: Cross Over The Bridge
Philips UKP.B.257195410"0 

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