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Artist:The Beatles
Label:  Apple / Parlophone
Date:20 Nov 2006
Catalogue:0946 3 79808 2 8 / 379 8082
Format:CD Album
Community: 21 Own
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01The BeatlesBecauseLennon, McCartneyRate
02The BeatlesGet BackLennon, McCartneyRate
03The BeatlesGlass OnionLennon, McCartneyRate
04The BeatlesEleanor Rigby / Julia (Transition)Lennon, McCartneyRate
05The BeatlesI Am The WalrusLennon, McCartneyRate
06The BeatlesI Want To Hold Your HandLennon, McCartneyRate
07The BeatlesDrive My Car / The Word / What You're DoingLennon, McCartneyRate
08The BeatlesGnik NusLennon, McCartneyRate
09The BeatlesSomething / Blue Jay Way (Transition)HarrisonRate
10The BeatlesBeing For The Benefit Of Mr Kite / I Want You (She's So Heavy) / Helter SkelterLennon, McCartneyRate
11The BeatlesHelp!Lennon, McCartneyRate
12The BeatlesBlackbird / YesterdayLennon, McCartneyRate
13The BeatlesStrawberry Fields ForeverLennon, McCartneyRate
14The BeatlesWithin You Without You / Tomorrow Never KnowsHarrison / Lennon, McCartneyRate
15The BeatlesLucy In The Sky With DiamondsLennon, McCartneyRate
16The BeatlesOctopus's GardenStarkeyRate
17The BeatlesLady MadonnaLennon, McCartneyRate
18The BeatlesHere Comes The Sun / The Inner LightHarrisonRate
19The BeatlesCome Together / Dear Prudence / Cry Baby Cry (Transition)Lennon, McCartneyRate
20The BeatlesRevolutionLennon, McCartneyRate
21The BeatlesBack In The U.S.S.R.Lennon, McCartneyRate
22The BeatlesWhile My Guitar Gently WeepsHarrisonRate
23The BeatlesA Day In The LifeLennon, McCartneyRate
24The BeatlesHey JudeLennon, McCartneyRate
25The BeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club (Reprise)Lennon, McCartneyRate
26The BeatlesAll You Need Is LoveLennon, McCartneyRate


Made in the EU for UK release.


Comments and Reviews
5th Apr 2015
 Re- Cat No. Sorry JPGR&B, as pointed, I have seen where that number is, also I pointed out the number on the spine as 0946 379808 2 8, which I should have put down as 0946 3 79808 2 8 !

Seems I need My Goggles tested!!!

I've now added [5-4-15] the rest of the missing images (Hope JPGR&B don't mind!).
Booklet pages 2,3,4 & 5 in single page images, while pages 6-7 thru' 26-27, are gatefolded images.

Record Collector
4th Apr 2015
 05 second part in stereo

4th Apr 2015
 I had intended to add further scans when I entered this entry, but clearly I overlooked it! Unusual for me as I tend to be very methodical re adding images for entries!

4th Apr 2015
 Re 3 79808 2 - look at the reverse of the jewel case backing sheet and at the bottom you will see these numbers in bold. EMI tend to do this to denote the catalogue number.

4th Apr 2015
 I will add the images from booklet internal pages.

Extra Notes :-
℗ 2006 Copyright in this Sound Recording is owned by EMI Records Ltd / Apple Corps. Ltd.
© The Cirque Apple Creation Partnership / Apple Corps. Ltd.

The Sticker on the front of the CD has another Cat No = 379 8082.

Matrix :-
3798082 @2

Should not the Cat No for this CD be = 0946 379808 2 8, it marked on the both the spines, the CD & the back page of the booklet. Only the sticker has a shortened number of = 379 8082. I can't see anywhere on my CD the number stated = 3 79808 2. Any comments on this?

11th May 2014

11th May 2014
 Wrong image deleted.

11th May 2014
 Looks like the wrong cd image was originally added, just added correct one

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