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Title:Ten Summoner's Tales
Label:  A&M
Date:1 Mar 1993
Catalogue:540 075-2
Format:CD Album
Community: 5 Own
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01StingPrologue (If I Ever Lose My Faith In You)StingRate
02StingLove Is Stronger Than Justice (The Munificent Seven)StingRate
03StingFields Of GoldStingRate
04StingHeavy Cloud No RainStingRate
05StingShe's Too Good For MeStingRate
06StingSeven DaysStingRate
07StingSaint Augustine In HellStingRate
08StingIt's Probably MeEric Clapton, Michael Kamen, StingRate
09StingEverybody Laughed But YouStingRate
10StingShape Of My HeartDominic Miller, StingRate
11StingSomething The Boy SaidStingRate
12StingEpilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)StingRate


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Comments and Reviews
Magic Marmalade
13th Apr 2017
Sting ..... Aaaaaaaarrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!

OK, that's got that out of the way, and let's face it, most of you were thinking it.

(or: "sweet Jesus.... it's feckin' Sting", as he used to have been known round our way)

So you can probably tell I'm not the greatest Sting fan in the world (Outside of the Police)... mostly he seems a bit too lute 'n' pointy minstrel-shoes for me... but I do love this album!

Of course, he does the whole travelling minstrel bit, which, along with ye olde Englishe folke musice basic idea, there's some country music twinges, and some blobs of harmonica here and there, which in general, sounds a bit middle class artistan dad-rock bore-fest on paper, but it does work here.

In fact, this was one of my favourite albums from the early nineties, even though it was glaringly at odds with what I was listening to at the time (Nirvana etc.)... I suppose you'd say it was one of those things that would later be described as a "guilty pleasure"...

(But, it does remind me also of a particular place and time, when I were nought but a more miniature thing-a-ma-bob, and still classified as human, like all those other perpendiculars... (and, if I'm honest a certain someone, who has remained shameless) so maybe I'm biased a little)

And I've been looking for it on any format for an age now, but it seems that people have been reluctant to let it go themselves, which in itself, is probably testament to how good it is.

For all the pretentiousness, the real strong suit of this album is the tunes... very sing-along-able, melodic, and even bordering on the pop... with the great single: "If I Ever Lose My Faith In You", leading the way, and "Fields of Gold", and "Shape Of my Heart" (featured in the film: "Leon", being other highlights on an album of equally strong material.

It's a nice, sunny place to take a break from rock now and then, and it is as good as I remember it being.

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Magic Marmalade
14th Apr 2017
 I think if you're listening to Sting, you need tantric pants :) - or some such.

Lee Wrecker
13th Apr 2017
 Magic, summoning up the Geordie MOR Devil here. No matter how you slice it this stuff is useless at heroin o'clock but I suppose it's okay for chai latte and smashed avocado time. I'll see if I can find my yoga pants. No can't find them. If I turn into a middle class, middle aged American cooligan I'll keep this in mind.

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