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Artist:Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
Title:Push The Sky Away
Label:  Kobalt
Date:Feb 2013
Format:Special Edition
Community: 1 Owns
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1-01Nick Cave And The Bad SeedsWe No Who U RNick Cave, Warren EllisRate
1-02Nick Cave And The Bad SeedsWide Lovely EyesNick Cave, Warren EllisRate
1-03Nick Cave And The Bad SeedsWater's EdgeNick Cave, Warren Ellis, Thomas WydlerRate
1-04Nick Cave And The Bad SeedsJubilee StreetNick Cave, Warren EllisRate
1-05Nick Cave And The Bad SeedsMermaidsNick Cave, Warren EllisRate
1-06Nick Cave And The Bad SeedsWe Real CoolNick Cave, Warren EllisRate
1-07Nick Cave And The Bad SeedsFinishing Jubilee StreetNick Cave, Warren Ellis, Thomas WydlerRate
1-08Nick Cave And The Bad SeedsHiggs Boson BluesNick Cave, Warren EllisRate
1-09Nick Cave And The Bad SeedsPush The Sky AwayNick Cave, Warren EllisRate
DVD Video
2-01Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Needle BoyNick Cave, Warren EllisRate
2-02Nick Cave And The Bad SeedsLightning BoltsNick Cave, Warren Ellis, Thomas WydlerRate


Produced by Nick Launay with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Hardback book sleeve with 32 pages of lyrics & photos
Printed in Mexico


Comments and Reviews
21st Apr 2017
 Licensed TO Kobalt indicates Kobalt is the correct label I would say.

Nice thing, this.

21st Apr 2017
 I have also looked at Discogs, the fact that LC 29472 is the Bed Seed code, it creates this doubt.
Take a look at this page:


and checking all versions (BS001DLX - 5055667601751) you will agree with me that there is a bit of confusion.

20th Apr 2017
 I think the "under exclusive license to Kobalt Label Services" answers one question.
Bad Seed Ltd. is a publishing company and not necessarily a Record Label as such - at least in this instance, at this stage of Cave's re-juggling of his business affairs.
Just because the book is printed in Mexico does not automatically mean it's a US release.
Were the book printed in China instead (also cheap place for printing) would that make it Chinese?
If you possess or know of a US version with the very same cat# and barcode, speak up.
If not, take my word for it - I had to pre-order in UK due to the limited run quantity manufactured.
These weren't sitting on supermarket shelves.

20th Apr 2017
 (P)2012 (C) 2013 Bad Seed Ltd.
Under exclusive license to Kobalt Label Services.
Printed in Mexico.

Sure this is a UK issue and not US?
Label should be Bad Seed not Kobalt, i think.

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