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Artist:George Harrison
Title:A True Legend
Label:  Strawberry
Catalogue:STR 007
Format:CD Album
Community: 1 Owns
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01George HarrisonRagaRate
02George HarrisonDehra Dun IntroGeorge HarrisonRate
03George HarrisonDehra Dun (1)George HarrisonRate
04George HarrisonDehra Dun (2)George HarrisonRate
05George HarrisonGopala Krsna (1)George HarrisonRate
06George HarrisonGopala Krsna (2)George HarrisonRate
07George HarrisonI Live For You (1)George HarrisonRate
08George HarrisonI Live For You (2)George HarrisonRate
09George HarrisonGoing Down To Golders Green (1)George HarrisonRate
10George HarrisonGoing Down To Golders Green (2)George HarrisonRate
11George HarrisonGet BackJohn Lennon, Paul McCartneyRate
12George HarrisonPete Drake's Talking Steel GuitarPete DrakeRate
13George HarrisonYour True LoveCarl PerkinsRate
14George HarrisonDavid Frost Show With Ravi ShankarRate
15George HarrisonAwaiting On You AllGeorge HarrisonRate
16George HarrisonFar East ManGeorge Harrison, Ronnie WoodRate
17George HarrisonI Don't Care AnymoreGeorge HarrisonRate
18George HarrisonHere Comes The SunGeorge HarrisonRate
19George HarrisonRock Island Line - Bye Bye Love Medley(Ledbetter, Lomax) (Bryant, Bryant)Rate
20George HarrisonGo Your Own WayAlexanderRate
21George HarrisonCloud Nine Guitar TalkRate
22George HarrisonTaxmanGeorge HarrisonRate
23George HarrisonBillboard Century Awards 1992Rate
24George HarrisonAll Things Must PassGeorge HarrisonRate
25George HarrisonPrabhujeeRavi ShankarRate
26George HarrisonChart Show Number 2 IntroductionRate


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