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Artist:Various Artists
Title:Hull Scene Vol. 3
Label:  Warren
Date:6 Aug 2016
Format:Double CD
Community: 1 Owns
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1-01FronteersFull MoonRate
1-03Kev La KatMosureRate
1-04The HubbardsCold CutRate
1-05Serial ChillerLife's RoughRate
1-06The Froot '67Chaos TheoryRate
1-07Amber WarrenPoppy CobwebsRate
1-08Cannibal AnimalI Feel AliveRate
1-09The Quicksilver Kings And Emily MoultonEverything You Know Is WrongRate
1-10Bud SugarShudupRate
1-11Dead HormonesEasyRate
1-12Rich StephensonBetter Things To DoRate
1-13Fire (TUF)Crocodile WhiplashRate
1-14Nineties BoyPushRate
1-15Left AheadGooRate
1-16The Dyr SisterWho Has Been Painting My Roses Red?Rate
1-17My PleasureHelloRate
1-18Room 22T.O.S.C.Rate
1-19El WhaekoJaquelineRate
1-20Yasmin CoeBeginning Of The EndRate
1-21Litten And CobbyMy People Come From The SeaRate
2-01Chiedu Oraka Ft. Manga St Hilare01482Rate
2-02LIFE [Hull]Popular MusicRate
2-03La Bête BloomsSummerRate
2-04Jody McKennaCallows EveRate
2-05Player OneWhen I Drop ThisRate
2-06Three Day MillionairesBridgesRate
2-07Hillbilly Troupe And Les DobbsThe Battle Of Corporation FieldsRate
2-08Imogen HartBurn To AshesRate
2-09Counting CoinsFreak ShowRate
2-10Black LimeDown And OutRate
2-11Jack ConmanHeroin StringsRate
2-12Audio SubsceneHigh And DryRate
2-13Waste Of PaintFor MollyRate
2-14BitmapYou Cannot Steal My HeartRate
2-15VulgariansLost Sanity SmilesRate
2-16Happy EndingsReasonRate
2-17Streaming LightsSymptomsRate
2-19Tom SkellyExpectationsRate
2-20DWASGet Out Of MeRate
2-21Joe SoloWe Will Be FreeRate



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