Movie Title:   The Haunting
Date:25 Aug 1963
Country:  International
Rating:7.8  Rate
Community: 9 Have Seen

DirectorRobert Wise
Selected CastJulie Harris as Eleanor Lance
 Claire Bloom as Theodora
 Richard Johnson as Dr. John Markway
 Russ Tamblyn as Luke Sanderson
 Fay Compton as Mrs. Sanderson
 Lois Maxwell as Grace Markway
ProducerRobert Wise
WriterShirley Jackson
SoundtrackHumphrey Searle


A UK / USA co-production

On DVD & Blu-ray


The Haunting - Warner Home Video - USA - 2003

Comments and Reviews
George Slv
8th Apr 2017
 Rated 5/10
This is one of the classic ghost movies. Four people decide to stay in this haunted house to study it.
Seeing this in the video era aged over 40, this movie did not affect me. It did not create an atmosphere that drew one in. The male leader was played by an actor with no personality or soul, just mechanically reciting his lines. Scenes that should have been effective did not involve me. Obviously it takes a special touch to create such films. "The Others" (2001) had that.

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13th Apr 2017
 Agreed - I did have to make allowances... :erk:

30th Jun 2015
 There was a Film called The Spiral Staircase. That was very scary. H.


Neil Forbes
30th Jun 2015
 @Monolith - thanks for that info! Sorry you had to relive frightening experiences. Hope it doesn't give you any nightmares!

Nightmare(nightmayor): An elected city official who works after dark?(ha-ha)

Record Collector
30th Jun 2015
 Neil look up imdb and you know

30th Jun 2015
 Four people monitoring an old house rumoured to be haunted.
I vividly remember a spiral staircase.
Gulp, I'm frighted just writing about it.

I think what terrified me the most is not seeing what was doing all the stuff so you can't pinpoint the source.
I find that scary.

Neil Forbes
30th Jun 2015
 @Zabadak, you didn't answer my question.... what was the storyline? I think I'm going to have to keep an eye out for this one.

30th Jun 2015
 Yes, excellent film-making :happy:

Neil Forbes
30th Jun 2015
 I don't remember seeing this one at all. What was its storyline? Knowing that might(only might) remind me. I love a good ghost movie?

30th Jun 2015
 This movie scared the bejesus outta me and still can. YIKES!

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