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Title:Rogue One - A Star Wars Story
Publisher:  Lucasfilm
Region Code:None
Cat#:Z1A BUY0274401
Genre:Science Fiction, Action, Adventure
Rating:9.0  Rate
Community: 1 Owns
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Music by Michael Giacchino/John Williams
With bonus Disc
Standard blue "AMARAY" DVD case


Comments and Reviews
17th Apr 2017
 Rated 9/10
Bought this on a whim,and glad i did,good stuff!.Not so much of a nostalgia trip as The Force Awakens,although there are the obligatory cameo's from C3PO/R2D2 and a brief one-liner from a CG recreation of a young princess Leia,and Peter Cushing is resurrected with some clever CGI ,which although quite clever,is a bit strange,and,is it right?.A new droid K-2SO has a refreshingly dry wit.Stunning visuals as you would expect,along with plenty of action/aliens/planet hopping.The type of film that needs a few viewings to fully appreciate.(After a second watch,i've changed the rating to 8.5/10)

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