TV Series

Series Name:   Why Don't You?
Format:TV Series
Years:1973 - 1995
Country:  UK
Genre:Children & Family, Crafts & Hobbies
Rating:3.5  Rate
Community: 13 Have Seen
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Why Don't You Just Switch Off Your Television Set and Go and Do Something Less Boring Instead?

Comments and Reviews
15th May 2015
 My memories are getting ever hazier and not liking the show meant I paid it less attention so am guessing out aloud here - weren't the bratty team based on a bus for one or two series? I have some fuzzy flickering fading image in my mind somewhere that has a bus linked to this show, but could also easily be part of another show showed before or after it!

15th May 2015
 For some reason I have this programme linked in my memory (mid 70's) with Double Deckers, and I am wondering if that was screened with it or something?

15th May 2015
 We like You were always out doing stuff everyday to watch things like this. I saw a few Episodes when It was raining hard outside. H.

14th May 2015
 Blimey... I cannot believe this ran for that long! Regardless to say, I never really liked the show and didn't need a bunch of brats to show me what things were "something less boring instead" to do. I had enough of an imagination and creativity and more than enough friends to be keeping me busy!

Sure, I saw it a few times over the years but it always made me cringe and made me wish I was doing something less boring than watching "Why Don't You?"

That theme tune... an earlier one which featured a solo singer and an animation was fine, but when it switched to a chorus of brats singing it... hell... I'd rather listen to Duran Duran.

14th May 2015

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