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Artist:John Martyn
Title:One World
Label:  Island
Catalogue:ILPM 9492
Community: 5 Own, 1 Wants
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A1John MartynCouldn't Love You MoreJohn Martyn9.0  Rate
A2John MartynCertain SurpriseJohn Martyn9.0  Rate
A3John MartynDancingJohn Martyn9.0  Rate
A4John MartynSmall HoursJohn Martyn9.5  Rate
B1John MartynDealerJohn Martyn8.0  Rate
B2John MartynOne WorldJohn Martyn10.0  Rate
B3John MartynSmiling StrangerJohn Martyn8.0  Rate
B4John MartynBig MuffJohn Martyn, Lee Perry8.0  Rate


Produced By Chris Blackwell
Island Life Collection 25 Years


Comments and Reviews
Magic Marmalade
19th Apr 2017
The prevailing view is probably that Solid Air, is the classic John Martyn album, and certainly, it is a classic album...

...but this one has been inching it's way into my affections over a long period of time, song by song, and even nudging ahead of Solid Air, in terms of which of his albums gets played the most.

It showcases not only the sublime, and the tender, which John Martyn was more than capable of, but the sense of a dangerous, and experimental edge he had too (Why he reportedly named another album: Grace and Danger- apparently it was said to him: "John... You're all Grace and Danger"

And on this, the grace comes in the shape of Small Hours, and the danger, in the form of tracks like Dealer, and Big Muff (which I just cannot stop listening to! - it's so compulsive), and even, both at the same time: Dancing.

He;s really pushing his guitar to make new sounds, taking little prhases, riffs, scrapes, and bleeps and all sorts and stitching them together in an almost funky way, that really gets under the skin. Finally, his inimitable voice, pushing, and pulling around the music makes a rather magical experience.

A great album :)

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Magic Marmalade
11th Sep 2015

Magic Marmalade
11th Sep 2015
 Absolutely magical:


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USA - Island - 1977

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